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Goals and Origin

The Anna Freud Foundation a tax-exempt organization, was established in 1953 by Dora Hartmann, Ruth Eissler, and Edith B. Jackson. It has been dedicated to promoting psychoanalytic theory and practice, especially those stimulated by Anna Freud.

The Board of Trustees of the Anna Freud Foundation will be accepting inquiries for seed money, matching grants, and cash gifts to promote child analysis and the training of child analysts. Inquiries can be made by institutions on behalf of their affiliates and candidates or, in select instances, by private individuals themselves. All requests will be considered by the Board. Further information can be obtained by contacting Chair Claudia Lament, PhD at

Gifts and contributions may be sent directly to the Chair. All gifts will be formally acknowledged.

Board of Trustees

Claudia Lament, Ph.D

31 Washington Square West PHA
New York, N.Y. 10011

Wendy Olesker, Ph.D.
15 W. 72 nd Street, #1L
New York, N. Y., 10023

Robert King, M.D.
Rona Knight, Ph.D.
Anton O. Kris, M.D.
Claudia Lament, Ph.D.
Norka Malberg, Psy.D.
Jack Novick, Ph.D.
Wendy Olesker, Ph.D.
Miriam Steele, Ph.D.
Lissa Weinstein, Ph.D.
Judith A. Yanof, M.D.

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